Privacy Policy

We take privacy seriously. However, in order to offer a better user experience, we do track certain types of information -- and we want you to understand the terms and conditions surrounding the collection and use of that information. This statement describes what we gather and how we use it.

What do we collect?

1. Any personal information you provide to us, such as when you register. Only a minimum is required for an "account", however, once you register, you are no longer anonymous.

2. We track any user preferences, access levels and other site specific features on our server. This offers more security than cookies (putting that information automatically on any machine that you access this site through).

3. We track traffic patterns. Where people go in the site, what articles they read and cross link to, return visits, advertising click-thru's, which features are used, and things like that. This allows us to collect statistical information on usage and what features are most popular and allows advertisers to audit that their advertising is being seen.

What do we do with the information?

Mostly we use it to audit advertising, viewing patterns, and features. It lets us track popularity of articles. Some of the information is features -- like polls or for feedback forums. All in order to offer a better service to our users.

We will only send information that you agreed to receive, about topics we think will be of interest to you. This may include e-mailings, updates, and lists.

We don't currently share any information with outside sources -- unless those sources are part of our service. The exception of course is any legal processes where we're required to provide the information we have (such as subpoenas, court orders or other legal processes), or where we believe your actions are violating applicable laws such as usage guidelines, products/services, or you threaten the rights, property or safety of others.

Usage is acceptance

By using this site, you are accepting the terms and conditions and this privacy policy. This site is free to readers, or more accurately the cost is that we get to present advertising information and get to monitor your usage patterns. When you register, we get some additional information that we can track -- which enables us to offer you better features. We can't easily offer these features without some accounting and tracking systems.

Changes to privacy policy

Any modifications to our privacy practices will be reflected in this area of our site.