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When Ohio school board president Debe Terhar referred to Adolf Hitler in a Facebook post on gun control, it was just the latest unfortunate use of the Hitler analogy.

References to Hitler in public debate are usually counter-productive, unless the speaker intends a comparison to someone who was directly responsible for the deaths of millions of his own people and the near-ruin of an entire continent.

Neither of those applies to today's important debate over gun control. Nor do they apply to the debate over union laws. That was the context in which Sen. Sherrod Brown threw the Hitler verbal bomb in March 2011, during the Senate Bill 5 debate over collective bargaining. He later apologized for the reference.

Playing the Hitler card obscures the real issues, stifles debate and plays to emotions. If we want to have a genuine debate over gun control and guns in schools (which, presumably, the state school board president would want to be part of) let's stick to the facts and leave emotion and demagoguery out of it.

The Enquirer encourages civility in public dialogue. We'll flag instances of uncivility and applaud examples of constructive debate.

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