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Our country is not maturing

I am responding to a Jan. 2 letter to ther editor provided by Mr. Bruce Gerencser.

I am amazed that any lucid person would present an argument concerning a person or an entity that doesn't exist! How can anyone claim to be an atheist under those circumstances? One would have to consider himself a super-intellectual, disregarding his surroundings or be as Psalm 14:1 quotes, " A fool says in his heart, there is no God."

I can't answer that question. It does seem quite hypocritical to me however, that Mr. Gerencser would mention the "proclamation of angels." Who declared the birth of Jesus still applicable today? We Christians, (born-again ) consider that babe in the manger to be God come in the flesh.

Lastly, Mr. Gerencser alludes to premarital sex among Christians. He seems to have lost all regard to pre-marital sex among ethnic groups. Babies born out of wedlock reach an astounding 73 percent.

Yet Mr. Gerencser considers his personal morality and ethics to be judged by his spouse, his children, his grandchildren, friends and neighbors. I don't question them at all. I would suggest that he take his family and friends on a one week trip to the beautiful city of San Francisco, eat at some of the city's finest restaurants and explain how our country is maturing, when at the tables next to them, people are dining completely nude. That's progress isn't it?

Kenny Barnes


New gun laws won't work

Why not make more gun laws? We surely will be able to control all those guns out there so much better. Sounds great. What is the reality? The truth is that law abiding citizens do not commit atrocities.

Who are the killers? Do criminals obey laws? No, they are criminals. Do homicidal mentally ill persons disobey laws? Yes, the illness is stronger than common sense (Fact: the chemical imbalance makes brain thought patterns get derailed at times).

Where do potential killers get guns? A gun of any type can be bought on many big city "street corners" from drug dealers. Will gun laws stop that? No. Are some guns stolen by potential killers? Yes, sometimes. How do we stop all of this? Would more drug enforcement and intervention help? Would improved mental health assessment and better intervention help?

Should we as a nation legalize marijuana in more states? There are many improved pain relievers in our world class present health system without legalizing a proven "gateway" drug. Do we want more people to get "stoned or go on to hard drugs?' How does this help them be more law abiding during those times? Could this cause a breakdown in an organized society? It does relate to murder in some cases. National statistics state that crimes related to illegal drugs are almost 60 percent of the total crimes committed in America.

Robert Silliman


Saddened that writer lost his faith

Responding to Mr. Gerencser's letter in the Jan. 2 issue of The Crescent-News, I must begin by stating that I cannot respond to all of the statements in his letter with which I disagree in the small space provided here. But let me respond to four of them:

1. Mr. Gerencser begins, "contrary to Luderman's assertion, my letter was all about the Republican Party," and then in the very next words continues "and its infection with rightwing religious extremism."

There's that label again.

2. He states "since the United States is a secular state." What? The United States is not, and was not, a secular state. Our constitution is not founded in secularism; our heritage is certainly not secular. Most of our common law is not secular. We have chaplains and prayers in our houses of government. Government officials are sworn into office with their hands on a holy book. The Declaration of Independence is based on rights with which we are endowed by our creator. Religious freedom and the wall of separation between church and state are not in the Constitution. These are statements which are intetionally twisted by the left.

Jefferson's response to the Baptist question stated that there is a separation of church and state, but he went on to explain that it was a one-way separation. The state is separated from religion but not religious involvement in the state. Madison stated that our republic would only survive with a strong religious moral background. So you can take issue with our defending our religious morals all you want.

3. Mr. Gerencser is quite perplexed when I suggest he has no moral values. If he is an atheist he has no morals and no basis for any morals except for his own, which is exactly what I stated. He follows his claim to be an atheist, and in the next statement he claims he is a humanist. That means he is not an atheist. His highest being to which he looks is humanity -- himself -- again exactly what I said. He is hell-bent on creating God in his own image.

4. As for his closing statement of letting his wife, family et al judge his morals, suggesting we should keep out of it, then I would suggest that he stop propagating and revealing his morals in public letters to The Crescent-News.

Finally, I am deeply saddened that a man of God has lost his faith. I would gladly meet with him -- to listen -- and to understand and, yes, to witness. I do not want to be confrontational, but the Constitution allows and my Savior constrains me to respond and to defend the reason for the faith in which I believe. God be with you.

Gary Luderman

rural Hicksville

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