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Fundamentalists try to rewrite history

Lately, there have been many letters to the editor on religion and most have a recurring theme of incorporating religion into our government. Others, like Larry Tonjes' recent letter, make outrageous claims in the name of their religion. He is now telling us that our liberty is given to us by God. If this is true, why is it absent in so much of our world? Are we to believe that as Americans we are special and God treats us differently?

Tonjes, like most fundamentalists, has wrapped himself in the cloak of his faith and divorced himself from all reason and reality. To even suggest this is just plain ludicrous. Is this why Christians are trying so hard to get religion into our schools, so they can teach this nonsense to our children?

We owe our freedom to George Washington and the Continental Army. Washington was truly the father of our country and, inarguably, the one man that could not be replaced. Though not a strategic genius, he was brave, resourceful, tenacious and persevering, and believed deeply in his cause. He earned the respect and devotion of his soldiers who suffered horribly from deprivation and extremes of weather.

Washington also set the precedent of civilian control of our military by consulting with Congress on strategy. When he relinquished control of the army to Congress and returned to Mt. Vernon, there were many who thought he wouldn't give up this power. History is full of great men who refused to give up power.

Since the founding of our Republic hundreds of thousands of our young men and women have given their lives and thousands more have suffered horrible life-changing wounds defending our freedom, thus, proving the old adage that freedom is not free. If you love your freedom, thank a veteran.

As for Manifest Destiny, while it may have been necessary for the expansion of our nation, it was a case of the end justifying the means and was something with which many Americans, including, myself, are not comfortable. The use of the "Good Book" to justify it was completely reprehensible.

Dennis Hanna, another letter writer, wrote that we don't have to worry about Christians trying to change our government into a theocracy. They just want to help it honor and respect God's laws. What he means is, change it to reflect his personal religious beliefs. We don't need religious help in our government. Our constitution, a secular document, has been the envy of the world for over two centuries.

He also said when the founding fathers put God in our constitution, they meant the Christian God. Hanna, like most fundamentalists, is trying to rewrite our nation's history and the thoughts and motivations of our nation's founders. God is not mentioned in our constitution, and the only reference to religion is negative. Article six states no religious test for public officials. Christians, however, are already given a de facto religious test to all our public officials.

Willie Pack

rural Paulding

We are in trouble as a nation

One nation under God -- the very statement that has made America great. For 40 years the church has been under attack. Removing the Ten Commandments from public buildings, replacing the Ten Commandments with political correctness, removing crosses, not mentioning Jesus' name and on and on.

God judged nations for abortions and homosexuality while the liberals have endorsed it with 54 million dead babies, same-sex marriages and -- possibly the last straw -- they even voted to remove God from their platform. If that can win an election we as a nation are in trouble.

When we look up and see a rainbow, I think it is more than a promise. I think it is God's signature and reminder (saying the earth is mine and the fullness thereof) and He put it up in the sky where everyone could see it. And knowing men's hearts, he put it where the intellectual genius, the global warming crowd, liberal media propagandist, atheists and politicians could not deny it, touch it or remove it.

Bob Lantz


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