Some events in Defiance will be memorable for many years to come, and one of those occurred Thursday night when Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney gave an address before an estimated 10,000 people at Defiance High School's Fred J. Brown Stadium. But it also played prominently elsewhere, taking center stage nationally on such news channels as CNN. If Romney becomes president, his visit here will become even more historic.

The time Romney and his campaign have spent in Ohio this fall is, of course, no big surprise. By now most people know Ohio is a weathervane for presidential elections. None have won the presidency without winning Ohio since 1964.

That Romney stopped in Defiance is a little more surprising, but this marks the second time in four years that a Republican presidential candidate has campaigned here. John McCain did it in 2008, just days before the election he lost to Barack Obama.

One reason Thursday's event will be memorable is that it went so well, despite being organized in short order and offering much. In just over two hours, a number of elected officials addressed the crowd, including Ohio's governor, while several famous musical artists performed for approximately one hour. Romney capped the evening with his address.

Things doubtlessly went so well because some worked hard to get things ready throughout the early part of the week. The Romney campaign didn't officially announce a Defiance stop until Tuesday, so those who helped get ready deserve recognition.

The attention that candidates have been paying to Defiance harkens back to the days of 1912 -- Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft -- when two presidential candidates campaigned in Defiance within a few days of each other.

President Obama has not yet made a campaign stop in Defiance, so we haven't quite matched such historic times today. Rumors have circulated that he may.

Certainly, with the Obama campaign touting the auto bailout he supported as a major accomplishment, he would have a great opportunity to make his point at Defiance's Powertrain plant. So, we extend our hope that he might make it two presidential candidate stops for our town this year.

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