Healthier food changes


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

In Why Calories Count: From Science to Politics, Marion Nestle, a professor at New York University, and Malden Nesheim, professor emeritus at Cornell University, offer suggestions for real change that could help all of us "eat less, eat better, move more."

Public education

-- Improve calorie labels

-- Expand calorie labels on restaurant menus

-- Restrict misleading health claims on food packages

-- Provide clear, unambiguous dietary advice

-- Provide nutrition education in schools

-- Provide cooking instruction as needed

For children

-- Restrict food advertising and marketing aimed at children

-- Provide healthier school lunches

-- Get vending machines and junk food out of schools

-- Teach kids to grow food

-- Teach kids to cook

For adults

-- Ask restaurants to provide incentives for ordering smaller portions and provide incentives to restaurants for doing so

-- Provide insurance incentives for healthier diet and activity patterns

-- Develop pricing incentives to buy fruits and vegetables

-- Provide access in inner cities to farmers' markets and stores selling fruits and vegetables

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