American HomePatient hosts free sleep therapy clinic in Archbold


ARCHBOLD -- American HomePatient is hosting a free clinic to help people living with CPAP get the most from their therapy on Monday, May 21, from 2-6 p.m. Anyone on sleep therapy is welcome to attend this free clinic at 1220 S. Defiance Street, with no requirement to be on service with American HomePatient.

The purpose is to give attendees an opportunity to ask questions about living with sleep apnea, CPAP, or any problems they may be having with their equipment. Everyone is also welcome to preview the latest new technology available in masks and CPAP machines.

Sleep therapy experts from American HomePatient and representatives from CPAP manufacturers Respironics and ResMed will be on hand to answer questions.

The program will assist people who have a sleep study at their doctor's recommendation, discover they need sleep therapy, but once they get home with their equipment, find it difficult to use. Sometimes their pressure settings are wrong, their mask doesn't fit properly, or it's just not comfortable and for one reason or another they abandon therapy. It can be a frustrating process and it doesn't have to be. With proper instruction and support, CPAP therapy can change a person's life.

Affecting one in five adults, sleep apnea is caused by a partial or complete collapse of the upper airway, which causes pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while sleeping. Left untreated it causes a greater risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, obesity and diabetes.

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