Gun buyback in Cincinnati collects 135 weapons


CINCINNATI (AP) -- A community-based gun buyback effort has brought in 135 weapons in southwest Ohio.

The first of three planned events by a church outreach program Tuesday ran out of $100 gift cards, then gave people IOU's for guns after nearly 100 cards were given out. Cincinnati police detectives will check the weapons to see if any have links to cases they are working. Otherwise, they will be melted into scrap.

The Cincinnati Enquirer ( ) reports that a federally licensed gun dealer showed up to provide some competition. He bought a dozen weapons for $40 to $100 by standing outside the church with a sign that read "Cash 4 Guns."

Organizers say their efforts might not make a major difference but are worth it if they prevent just one shooting.


Information from: The Cincinnati Enquirer,

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  • Once again the liberals have coined a catchy-but-inaccurate term - and the media aid and abet in the ruse. It is not a "gun buyback" - the churches did not sell the firearms, not did any state entity. More accurately it is a "gun turn-in", but then that somewhat exposes the agenda. A tip 'o the derby to that gun dealer showing up and possibly preventing a historical gun being melted down. Another to to the police department for checking to see if these guns were used in a crime. I cannot think of a better way to unload a "hot" gun than by turning it in at one of these dog and pony shows. No doubt the perp used that money to buy a "clean" gun on the black market. The organizers end with the usual smarmy "If it prevents" routine. Suppose that shooting that was prevented was a defensive one - i.e. homeowner against armed burglar for instance. Would they then taken comfort watching the police draw a chalk outline around the person who they bought the gun from? This is a good example of the old "Road to **** is paved with . . ." adage.