Mark Froelich 09-19-12: Videos highlights area football games; outtakes to watch


Throughout the high school football season, The Crescent-News has sent a videographer to one game each Friday night. Henry County resident and Holgate graduate Ethan Matson is the man who records each play on the field, shoots the video of fans' cheering, band members playing and mascots and cheerleaders pumping up the crowds.

Each Friday night, Matson edits the video and puts together a five-minute video of highlights and coaches' comments, which is launched during the early hours of Saturday. Here are the games you can find under the "Local Videos" section of

Week 1: Defiance at Napoleon

Week 2: Ottawa Hills at Ayersville

Week 3: Archbold at Fairview

Week 4: Liberty Center at Patrick Henry

Credit to cheerleaders and fans the past two weeks for giving us a shoutout intro of "Welcome to Friday night football highlights on The Crescent-News Online!" In fact, this week, we have the Patrick Henry cheerleaders providing an intro to our weekly "Tim & Chuck High School Football Show," which will be available this afternoon.

This Friday, The Crescent-News and Matson will travel to the west side of Defiance County and video the Tinora at Hicksville game.


Outtakes of 'Tim & Chuck Show'

We're entering into the fifth episode of the weekly "Tim & Chuck High School Football Show" on That has given me ample time to collect some "off-camera" shinanagins and put them together for two minutes of hilarious video. If you've had a bad day and need a laugh -- even if you're not a sports fan -- listening to these two will make your day. There's even a guest appearance from the C-N's newest reporter Taryn Lawson, who is a native of Arizona.



Interesting story from talks about robocars,the possibility of you and me not needing a driver's license by 2040 because fully autonomous cars will be available by the end of the decade. According to the article, GM's Cadillac division "expects to produce partially autonomous cars at a large scale by 2015."



Google senior vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra recently said that social network Google+ has more than 400 million members. As a comparison, Facebook has 955 million active users in July. I have a Google+ account and admit that it gets little usage. Hardly anyone I know is on Google+, but it's nice to have an account to associate with those I do have in my Google+ "circle." It's difficult to be impressed with Google+ after using Facebook for such a long time and I was never really impressed with the way Google initially launched the product with "invitation-only" users.


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