248 Garage Sales Defiance City

Defiance, 429 Summit Saturday, Sept 27th, 08:00 and Sunday, Sept 28th, 11:00 Furniture, clothing, books, games, decorations, and more for sale!`

917 Indian Bridge Weds & Thurs, 10am-5pm New printers, new satellite parts, utility belt, quilt rack, H.D. Security storm door, weed cultivator, new bike 10 speed, lots of misc, Will take offers.`

DOWNSIZING Wed-Sat 9-5 28210 St Rt 281 1935 Leveling tool w/box/tripod, barn beams, tools, puzzles, lawn roller, sm truck hitch, snow plow, compter items, antique furniture, mens (LG), Ladies (M-10) clothing, shoes 6 1/2-7, nicknacks, Eden Pure heater, guns, collectibles, and much more!!!`