475 Home / Condo Rentals

CLEAN 415 Seneca St. 3BR, No Smoking/Pets. 419-497-4695`

Small 2BR Home, $475/mo + Deposit. 419-438-2286`

Quiet 2BR, Garage, Appliances. Realtor owned. $425/mo. 419-783-7224`

Near a park, quiet neighborhood, lots and lots of room. Big beautiful country home in the city, wonderful place for a nice large family. $750 month. Call 419-784-0819 ask for Richard.`

BRAND NEW HOME FOR RENT 3 BR, 2 BA, 2 Car Garage Single story, 1300 sq. ft. North Side of Town by College. $900/mo + $900 deposit. 419-782-7749`