Shanghai-bound passengers spend 2 days in Alaska


ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- A 13-hour flight from San Francisco to Shanghai is no commuter hop, but the 262 passengers on a United Airlines flight were ready for that. Instead, they were stranded in Anchorage, Alaska, for two days.

United spokesman Charles Hobart says Flight 857 diverted to Anchorage when several lavatories were found to be inoperable about three hours after Sunday's 2 p.m. departure.

Passengers tell the Anchorage Daily News ( ) they sat on the ground until 8 p.m. before being allowed to deplane.

The airline handed out hotel and meal vouchers, but that took hours, and passengers say restaurants were closed.

United brought in another plane Monday, but it also had problems. Passengers finally took off Tuesday on a third Boeing 777.

Hobart says United will be "fully refunding everyone's tickets."