Ky. attorney suspended; court cites ethics conduct

BRETT BARROUQUERE Associated Press Published:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) -- A northern Kentucky attorney has been suspended for 61 days and ordered to attend remedial ethics training for what the Kentucky Supreme Court found to be ethics violations.

The high court on Thursday also ordered Eric Deters of Independence to pay $1,834 to cover the cost of the Kentucky Bar Association's proceedings against him.

The suspension stems from Deters' actions in separate cases, with one involving attorney's fees and another that deals with comments made about a judge and opposing counsel.

Deters, who doubles as a radio talk-show host, told The Associated Press that the decision is "wrong" and that he didn't get a fair hearing.

Deters, who is also licensed to practice in Ohio, said he will resume practicing law in Kentucky after the suspension ends.