Atlantic City's poor endure storm quietly, humbly

WAYNE PARRY Associated Press Published:

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) -- Low-income residents of Atlantic City were hit hard by Superstorm Sandy, and many lost all they had.

More than two weeks later, many of the multibillion-dollar gambling resort's poorest residents are enduring hardships like no heat or hot water, ruined clothing and lost possessions with quiet acceptance

Rather than complaining about what they don't have, many say they're grateful for what still remains.

"It's a blessing," can be heard over and over in storm-tossed neighborhoods.

The Rev. Collins Days, of Second Baptist Church, says many of Atlantic City's poor are used to hard times. Census figures show one in four of the city's residents lives in poverty.

They struggle as the 12 casinos came through the storm unscathed, and try to lure back gamblers.